Introdução à Psicologia Positiva


Since 2014, 11 classes have participated in our Felizofia Course - Introduction to Positive Psychology. 


The content of the most-watched Harvard class of all times has the mission of studying, practicing, and disseminating an academic field that has gained international recognition.

The content uses a scientific approach and effective interventions to help with personal learning and increase happiness levels. Unlike ordinary psychology, instead of just treating pathologies, the focus is on how to be happier.

Practical and collaborative, Felizofia counts on the participation of facilitators that will co- apply the concepts using exercises and dynamics that will trigger an individual and collective transformation process. 

Felizofia é para todes!


Cadeira Livre é um programa da Base Colaborativa que garante a participação de quem não teria acesso aos nossos cursos: diferentes minorias ou maiorias sub representadas, lideranças periféricas, refugiados, detentos e tantas outras diferentes realidades.


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