Conversations that matter

A space of development for leaders of a new world.


We invite people that are already changing the world positively to tell their stories, projects, and ideas.


An exchange of experiences


We then form creative circles so that everyone can construct innovative solutions together.

Dates: Wednesdays, monthly, from 8 p.m to 10 p.m

 *The event is open and free.

Themes that have already been addressed at basepapo

Guests: Cláudio Maretti, Tanya Stergiou and Fabiana Prudente

Themes: society and nature / collaborative management

Guests: Dani Junco and Thiago Chaer Borges

Themes: Mom, why do you work? / The future of education

Guests:André Soler and Theuan Carvalho

Themes: How much is a story worth? / Popular course for advocacy

Guests: Alexandre Barros and Nina Valentini

Themes: Re-writing the story / Donating has to be simple

Guests: Marcella Monteiro and Nara Trajano

Themes: Utopia entrepreneurs / Female impact businesses