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Panapanã means a "collective of butterflies"

Our manifest is simple:

We believe in a new form of leadership through self-awareness.


For this reason, the program is intense and has activities that are specially developed for you to achieve another level of individual and collective connection.


The days are divided in the Past (caterpillar), Present (cocoon), and Future (butterfly).

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Nature, guided breaths, group dynamics, silence, and reflections activate our senses in a deep way so that you can take control of your life and become guardians of your and others' destiny.

Sometimes, one moment, one immersion is necessary to trigger a change process that is already inside you, and this is what we call the butterfly effect. 


When what is inside of us connects to the world, everything starts to make sense. 


​This is what we call the panapanã effect .

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In these last years, the Panapanã effect has transformed caterpillars into butterflies that transmuted the past, recognized themselves in the cocoon, and created wings to fly.

But being a butterfly is not easy. Time makes their colors grey, and eventually, they are simply ready for a new evolution phase.  


This cycle is natural. The average life expectancy of a butterfly is short. Only 1 month of life. 

And in fact, there is something that exists beyond the butterfly.




"You are able to connect us in such a real and intense way. The activities make us look at one another, to ourselves, and change our perception of connection to the universe."

—  Kaique Vida

Panapanã é para todes!


O Aquarela integra diversidade nos nossos programas de desenvolvimento humano! Se você possui algum marcador social, como ser periférico, preto, indígena, refugiado, PCD, egresso, membro da comunidade LGBTQIA+ e/ou possui mais de 60 anos e não tem condições de arcar com os valores do curso, se inscreve aqui!


Compartilhe com quem você acredita ter os pré-requisitos para uma Aquarela

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